Button Library

The Button Library provides routines for detecting button presses and debouncing (eliminating the influence of contact flickering upon pressing a button).

Library Routines



unsigned short Button(unsigned short *port, unsigned short pin, unsigned short time, unsigned short active_state);


  • 255 if the pin was in the active state for given period.
  • 0 otherwise


Function eliminates the influence of contact flickering upon pressing a button (debouncing).

Parameter port specifies the location of the button; parameter pin is the pin number on designated port and goes from 0..7; parameter time is a debounce period in milliseconds; parameter active_state can be either 0 or 1, and it determines if the button is active upon logical zero or logical one.


Button pin must be configured as input.


Example reads RB0, to which the button is connected; on transition from 1 to 0 (release of button), PORTD is inverted:

bit oldstate;                                    // Old state flag

void main() {

  ANSEL  = 0;                                    // Configure AN pins as digital I/O
  ANSELH = 0;
  C1ON_bit = 0;                                  // Disable comparators
  C2ON_bit = 0;

  TRISB0_bit = 1;                                // set RB0 pin as input
  TRISC = 0x00;                                  // Configure PORTC as output
  PORTC = 0xAA;                                  // Initial PORTC value
  oldstate = 0;
  do {
    if (Button(&PORTB, 0, 1, 1)) {               // Detect logical one
      oldstate = 1;                              // Update flag
    if (oldstate && Button(&PORTB, 0, 1, 0)) {   // Detect one-to-zero transition
      PORTC = ~PORTC;                            // Invert PORTC
      oldstate = 0;                              // Update flag
  } while(1);                                    // Endless loop
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