Options menu consists of three tabs: Code Editor, Tools and Output settings

Code editor

The Code Editor is advanced text editor fashioned to satisfy needs of professionals.


The mikroC PRO for PIC32 includes the Tools tab, which enables the use of shortcuts to external programs, like Calculator or Notepad.
You can set up to 10 different shortcuts, by editing Tool0 - Tool9.

Tools tab

Output settings

By modifying Output Settings, user can configure the content of the output files.
You can enable or disable, for example, generation of ASM and List file.

Also, user can choose optimization level, and compiler specific settings, which include case sensitivity, dynamic link for string literals setting (described in mikroC PRO for PIC32 specifics).

Build all files as library enables user to use compiled library (*.emcl) on any MCU (when this box is checked), or for a selected MCU (when this box is left unchecked).

For more information on creating new libraries, see Creating New Library.

Output Settings

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