Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a complete list of keyboard shortcuts available in mikroC PRO for PIC32 IDE.

IDE Shortcuts
F1 Help.
Ctrl+N New Unit.
Ctrl+O Open.
Ctrl+Shift+O Open Project.
Ctrl+Shift+N New Project.
Ctrl+K Close Project.
Ctrl+F4 Close unit.
Ctrl+Shift+E Edit Project.
Ctrl+F9 Build.
Shift+F9 Build All.
Ctrl+F11 Build And Program.
Shift+F4 View Breakpoints.
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Clear Breakpoints.
Ctrl+Alt+M Open MLK file.
Ctrl+Shift+N Open definition file for currently selected MCU.
F11 Start mE Programmer.
Ctrl+Shift+F11 Project Manager.
F12 Options.
Alt + X Close mikroC PRO for PIC32
Basic Editor Shortcuts
F3 Find, Find Next.
Shift+F3 Find Previous.
Alt+F3 Grep Search, Find In Files.
Ctrl+A Select All.
Ctrl+C Copy.
Ctrl+F Find.
Ctrl+R Replace.
Ctrl+P Print.
Ctrl+S Save Unit.
Ctrl+Shift+S Save All.
Ctrl+V Paste.
Ctrl+X Cut.
Ctrl+Y Delete Entire Line.
Ctrl+Z Undo.
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo.
Advanced Editor Shortcuts
Ctrl+Space Code Assistant.
Ctrl+Shift+Space Parameters Assistant.
Ctrl+D Find Declaration.
Ctrl+E Incremental Search.
Ctrl+L Routine List.
Ctrl+G Goto Line.
Ctrl+J Insert Code Template.
Ctrl+Shift+. Comment Code.
Ctrl+Shift+, Uncomment Code.
Ctrl+number Goto Bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+number Set Bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+I Indent Selection.
Ctrl+Shift+U Unindent Selection.
Tab Indent Selection.
Shift+Tab Unindent Selection.
Alt+Select Select Columns.
Ctrl+Alt+Select Select Columns.
Alt+Left Arrow Fold Region (if available).
Alt+Right Arrow Unfold Region (if available).
Ctrl+Alt+L Convert Selection to Lowercase.
Ctrl+Alt+U Convert Selection to Uppercase.
Ctrl+Alt+T Convert to Titlecase.
Ctrl+T USART Terminal.
Ctrl+Q Quick Converter.
mikroICD Debugger and Software Simulator Shortcuts
F2 Jump To Interrupt.
F4 Run to Cursor.
F5 Toggle Breakpoint.
F6 Run/Pause Debugger.
F7 Step Into.
F8 Step Over.
F9 Start Debugger.
Ctrl+F2 Stop Debugger.
Ctrl+F5 Add to Watch List.
Ctrl+F8 Step Out.
Alt+D Disassembly View.
Shift+F5 Open Watch Window.
Ctrl+Shift+A Show Advanced Breakpoints.
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