Export Project

This option is very convenient and finds its use in relocating your projects from one place to another (e.g. from your work computer to your home computer).

Often, project contains complicated search paths (files involved within your project could be in a different folders, even on different hard disks), so it is very likely that some files will be forgotten during manual relocation.
In order to simplify this, Export Project gives you opportunity to do this task automatically.

To open Export Project, from Project menu select Export Project or hit Ctrl + Alt + E. Following window will appear :

Export Project Window

In the empty input boxes, current location and the destination folder of the desired project should be entered.
By default, currently active project will be set for export. You can change it any time by clicking the Open Button Open Project Button.

Once you have entered the appropriate data, click Export Project button. After exporting is done, and if everything was OK, you'll receive a message :

Export Project Window

Now, Export Project has copied all project files into desired folder and changed project search paths, so you can easily move the entire folder to another location and run the project.

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